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Re: redhat_base, /emul/linux

On Sun, Apr 22, 2001 at 06:25:15PM -0700, Jacob Meuser wrote:
> I've managed to get Netscape6 and StarOffice 5.2 working, but I 
> noticed a few things.  After the redhat_base install, there is 
> no /emul/linux/dev/null.  Some programs try to write to it, and
> it gets created as a regular file with root.wheel 0644 permissions.
> For me this was while installing Netscape6 as rot.

I never had this problem installing Netscape 6.  I installed it as a 
normal user in a directory I could write to and then moved it to 
/emul/linux/usr/local/netscape6 later.  Besides the standard Netscape 
bloat and crash, I didn't have any problems.

I haven't been able to install any plugins, but I haven't tried too
hard, either.

I had a lot of trouble installing StarOffice 5.2, however.  I downloaded
the so-5_2-ga-bin-linux-en.bin file from sun and executed it.  The first 
problem I have is the setup script has the wrong path to test, which I was     
able to fix.  I also got some errors with shared libraries, which can
be fixed by setting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH envar to /emul/linux/lib/
However, once I fix these things, the thing just finishes with no errors, 
and without leaving any setup files or any traces of any successful 

So how did you do it?