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Building a server with a RAID controller


I've just been caught out by this little phrase "hidden" on www.openbsd.org/i386.html

   The list of supported hardware is relevant to
   OpenBSD-current. It will differ slightly from
   the support provided in the latest release

I have a server next to me here with an AMI MegaRAID 500 SCSI RAID controller in it... which is supported by current, but not by the release OpenBSD 2.8.

My supplier is proposing to replace this card anyway, but with an Adaptec one which is also in current but not 2.8.

So as I see it I have a couple of options; either get one of the supported ones:

   3ware Escalade 3W-5x000 and 3W-6x000 series (twe)
   DPT SmartCache and SmartRaid III/IV PCI/EISA adapters (dpt)
   ICP-Vortex GDT 6xxxR[DNPS] series (gdt)

or stick a normal SCSI controller in and use the raid pseudo device, which may or may not allow drives to be hot-swapped (I'm not sure) and certainly is going to make installation rather difficult unless I'm happy with only one partition being RAIDed (which I'm not really).

Does anyone have any advice? Are those RAID cards listed above "good"?

I've actually managed to compile a 2.8 kernel with ami and aac drivers in it... however, actually getting it onto a machine is beyond me. Hopefully I'll be able to get OpenBSD running -- it's the only OS which hasn't given me any trouble. [Actually, not quite true; as a developer I had a horrendous time with a gcc/pthreads bug where you can't use C++ exceptions and pthreads at the same time].



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