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permanently enabling soft updates in 2.9beta?

Well hopefully I dont get smacked around to hard on this one. I have just finished a search of the tech and misc list (concentrating on the last few months--i.e., Feb to present) using keywords "soft updates" and "softdep" (each as their own search term) and didnt find anything that would help me.

here is the deal:

I have read the mount(8) man page and I believe I successfully enabled soft updates on my /tmp dir by doing the following:

# umount /tmp

then remounting using the following command:

mount -o softdep /dev/wd1d /tmp

I didnt get an error, so the assumption here is that /tmp is mounted with soft updates enabled.

My question is:

How do I make it so each partition is mounted with softupdates automatically enabled at boot time? That is, it seems that it needs to be mounted with the softdep option and I cant figure out how to do that without manually remounting each file system with the softdep option every time I reboot the system. I am sure there is a better way.

I looked over the fstab man page and I dont see where I would insert the softdep option.

Some help would be appreciated