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Packard Bell Legend 70CD w/ CD-R would boot in 2.7, but not 2.8

I tried this first with 2.8 from the CD and then tried -stable. I did not
upgrade from 2.7, but went with a fresh install.

The dmesg below is with the CDR unplugged.  With it plugged in, I get:

wdc1 at isa0 port 0x170/8 irq 15
atapiscis0 at wdc1 channel 0
scsibus0 at atapiscsi0 : 2 targets
wdc1:0:1: device timeout, c_bcount=0, c_skip=0

The CD-R is an NEC CDR-271 (IDE)  The jumper is normally set at "single",
but I also tried moving it to "slave" and "master" settings.  I'm a newbie
and have little knowledge about hardware or OpenBSD.  I searched the
archives, but didn't really see anything.  My solution at the moment is to
unplug the CD-R.  Perhaps someone more knowledable could suggest something
else to try?


OpenBSD 2.8-stable (GENERIC) #0: Fri Apr 20 12:11:50 CDT 2001
cpu0: F00F bug workaround installed
cpu0: Intel Pentium (P54C) ("GenuineIntel" 586-class) 75 MHz
real mem  = 41529344 (40556K)
avail mem = 33427456 (32644K)
using 532 buffers containing 2179072 bytes (2128K) of memory
mainbus0 (root)
bios0 at mainbus0: AT/286+(00) BIOS, date 03/28/95, BIOS32 rev. 0 @ 0xfd7f0
pcibios0 at bios0: rev. 2.1 found at 0xf0000[0x10000]
pcibios0: PCI BIOS has 4 Interrupt Routing table entries
pcibios0: PCI bus #0 is the last bus
WARNING: can't reserve area for I/O APIC.
WARNING: can't reserve area for Local APIC.
pci0 at mainbus0 bus 0: configuration mode 1 (bios)
pchb0 at pci0 dev 0 function 0 "Intel 82437FX (Triton)" rev 0x01
pcib0 at pci0 dev 7 function 0 "Intel 82371FB (Triton) PCI-ISA" rev 0x02
"Cirrus Logic CL-GD5430" rev 0x46 at pci0 dev 8 function 0 not configured
xl0 at pci0 dev 17 function 0 "3Com 3cSOHO-TX" rev 0x30: irq 11 address
exphy0 at xl0 phy 24: 3Com internal media interface
isa0 at pcib0
isadma0 at isa0
wdc0 at isa0 port 0x1f0/8 irq 14
wd0 at wdc0 channel 0 drive 0: <Conner Peripherals 1275MB - CFA1275A>
wd0: can use 16-bit, PIO mode 4
wd0: 32-sector PIO, LBA, 1220MB, 2479 cyl, 16 head, 63 sec, 2499030 sectors
ne1 at isa0 port 0x300/32 irq 10
ne1: NE2000 (RTL8019) Ethernet
ne1: address 00:40:33:de:35:29
eg0: can't map I/O space
sb0 at isa0 port 0x220/24 irq 5 drq 1: dsp v3.01
midi0 at sb0: <SB MIDI UART>
audio0 at sb0
opl0 at sb0: model OPL3
midi1 at opl0: <SB Yamaha OPL3>
pcppi0 at isa0 port 0x61
midi2 at pcppi0: <PC speaker>
sysbeep0 at pcppi0
lpt0 at isa0 port 0x378/4 irq 7
npx0 at isa0 port 0xf0/16: using exception 16
pccom0 at isa0 port 0x3f8/8 irq 4: ns16550a, 16 byte fifo
pccom1 at isa0 port 0x2f8/8 irq 3: ns16550a, 16 byte fifo
vt0 at isa0 port 0x60/16 irq 1: vga 80/132 col, color, 8 scr, mf2-kbd
pms0 at vt0 irq 12
fdc0 at isa0 port 0x3f0/6 irq 6 drq 2
fd0 at fdc0 drive 0: 1.44MB 80 cyl, 2 head, 18 sec
biomask 4040 netmask 4c40 ttymask 5cc2
pctr: 586-class performance counters and user-level cycle counter enabled
dkcsum: wd0 matched BIOS disk 80
root on wd0a
rootdev=0x0 rrootdev=0x300 rawdev=0x302
clock: unknown CMOS layout