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Re: How make a bootable CD for i386 system

Hello I've downloaded all the files from the ftp
directory of openbsd
(ftp.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD/2.8/i386 I think it's
correct or something similar).
Then once you have downloaded all the files you have
to make an El-Torrito CDrom using as Image file the
file you've downloaded "cdrom28.fs".
I made that way and all worked well.
All the files are the minimum you need to install the
system on a machine, then if you want you can also
downloaded all the other packages (in the dir.
packages) and put them all in your El-torrito.
Good luck.
--- Clarence Chan <ein_(_at_)_netvigator_(_dot_)_com> ha scritto: >
Hello ,,
> I support several sites which using openbsd as the
> internet server
> machines.  In order for me to support more easy, I
> would like to make the
> bootable CD for the system (i386) for each site. 
> However, I didn't how to
> do it.  Can anyone share his/her experience or show
> me some direction to
> obtain the information for doing it.  Thanks.
> Clarence 

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