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RE: IPFilter

On 17 Apr 2001, at 11:53, jan_(_at_)_hundert6_(_dot_)_de wrote:

> Hi,
> > Does anybody know if IPFilter that comes with OpenBSD 2.8 is vulnerable
> > to the newly discovered bug in versions of IPFilter prior to 3.4.17. 
> yes, it is. As is every ipf 3.x.x version before 3.4.17. Upgrade.

Um, not meaning to start a ruckus, but upgrade *HOW*?  There doesn't 
seem to be a patch.  The CVS web repository for src/sbin/ipf is 
showing everything is at least two months old.  It appears the 
version of IP Filter in -current is 3.4.16 -- this is the version 
that shows in both sys/netinet/fil.c and sbin/ipf.  There is a howto 
floating around that explains how to upgrade OpenBSD using somebody 
*else's* upgrade for ipfilter, but I hope we're going to get an 
official patch for this -- pretty please?

(I think this is what the original post was asking about ...)

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