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Re: identd

InSaNe wrote:
> I tried doing:
> cd /usr/libexec
> ./identd
> To see any error messages, got:
> in.identd: getpeername(): Socket operation on non-socket

>From the manual:

     -i      Tells identd to run as a process started from inetd(8) with the
             "nowait" option in the /etc/inetd.conf file.  Use of this mode
             will make inetd(8) start one identd daemon for each connection
             request.  This is the default mode of operation.

You're getting that error because it's expecting to be called from

Also from the very same manual:

     -b      Specify operation as a stand alone daemon.

Try running "./identd -b -u nobody -elo" or just change the flags in
/etc/rc.conf for identd to run it at boot time.