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hi.wscons now looks pretty great but there are couple off things that 
would be great to have, things like bell support and moused.anyway  what
i  am inteerested in is -is it posible to remap certain keys so that
when u press  one key that key emits sequence that in normal behaviour
would be needed to have two keys pressed?
my  keyboard is  remaped so  that Control_R  emits the same sequence
as Control_L and that is preetty cool, but could i have my keyb. remaped
so that when i like in old pre 2.7 days press F9-F12  switch first 4
terminal's(i'm  not planning to use mc,mp3blaster or any other appl.
that depends on  that keys to be functional) or like  now use shift
and F1-F4 to  switch ttC4-ttyC6.new softdep code is
great also.XF4 is pretty unstable  since it sometimes nocks my  
terminal out(colors,contrast go wild that much that kernel messages
apear no more in  blue  ...it becomes white but with high contrast
, that is the system needs to be rebooted).i'm using 12.april binnary
snapshhot taken from sunet.se.

big greetings