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HW Recommendations

Ever so slowly, the colo project I'm handling for my boss is coming together. The latest requirement was 2 boxes, a 1U bridging firewall & a 2U backup box, but I'm thinking I can get better cooling and bang:buck by combining these into a single box in one of the new Antec 3U cases. I'm also thinking of going with an Athlon CPU for price/performance reasons, but this is where I need some advice. I'm still pretty much a newbie in i386 hardware-land, & I'm seeking input on what mobo/processor combos will work well with my other hardware & software. Here's what I'll be using:


i8255x (fxp) NICs (3 of 'em, 1 with an IP & 2 solely for the fw bridge) (Does Intel make a 2- or 4-port version of these?)

Video Card (No X11, I'm thinking a cheap AGP card just to keep it off the PCI bus)

U160 SCSI card. I'm thinking Adaptec 29160, unless anyone has a better suggestion.

18GB Seagate U160 (or U2W if I can still find one) boot disk

Ecrix VXA-1 U2W SCSI tape drive

EIDE CD-ROM, whatever works.



OpenBSD 2.8 (or 2.9 if the schedule keeps slipping like this), -stable



Any help understanding what differences between the various mobo types will actually translate into something OpenBSD can use would be greatly appreciated.


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