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Re: problems with two ip adress

Perrier,Kent - PLANO wrote:

Heikki Korpela wrote:

On Fri, 13 Apr 2001, José Alexandre Ferreira wrote:

Is possible to have two card in the computer with ip of the same network ?



Maybe I am wrong :)

As a follow up, Yes, the two inferfaces can have IP addresses on the same network, but one will not be used since the other will be the "default gateway" for the network. I know that Linux has some software to "bond" the two interfaces so that the load is shared across them, but they have one IP address between the two interfaces.

Let me throw a big boulder of salt on this, I an new to OBSD but not
to UNIX, so there may be a feature of OBSD that the above worth less
than the electrons that they are made of :)


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