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Re: multiple pppoe's?

I've checked, and I'm actually allowed (via the service agreement) to
run a network of computers, each one with its own pppoe connection.

This is great, and I've tried it and it works!

However, I obviously don't want customers to have to install and run
pppoe clients (I just want them to use the standard dhcp client on
windows which is easy to use...).

So, what I need is for the gateway to gather several IP addresses and
have the NAT just do IP address translation and not port translation -
this way I won't have to worry about proxies.

All this should be possible - I've done non-port IP address translations
before from one range of IP address to another.  And the PPPoE
specification has session ID's, thus allowing multiple pppoe sessions
from the same MAC address.

However, to get the extra IP address I'll need more tun devices and I'll
need to run ppp/pppoe for each one.  The problem is that I get error
messages that appear to be from tun ioctls, but I don't know ppp/pppoe
well enough to be sure.

ppp[30002]: tun1: Error: ifcase_inAdd: ioctl(SIOCAIFADDR): File exists
ppp[30002]: tun1: Error: ipcp_InterfaceUp: unable to set ip address

I am running ppp with the -unit flag to specify tun0 for one ppp and
tun1 for the other.  The errors occur once the tun0 ppp is running and
when I 'dial' the tun1 ppp.  The ppp.conf file is as specified in pppoe

Is there a ppp internals expert that I should pose my question to?

If there is any info about my setup that would help diagnose the
problem, let me know.

Thank you,

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