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serial connection problem


I'm having problems connecting to a serial port (tty00) on an OpenBSD
2.8 i386. Basically, I'd like another system to be able to access (login
to) this machine through a serial connection, but not making it the
default console. I've already modified /etc/ttys to say:
tty00 "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600" vt100 on

then did 'kill -1 1' but when I connect (using a null-modem cable) I
can't get a login prompt. I eventually get "init: getty repeating too
quickly on port /dev/tty00, sleeping" when sending a few <enter> from
the terminal. I tried several things like switching to another serial
port, changing the serial card, etc. without any luck. Nothing either on
the mailing lists; looks like this is supposed to work right away...

Any suggestions?


--Laurent Frere

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