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XFree4.0.3 + mouse


I am a new user to OpenBSD (I am using 2.8). I have compiled XFree4.0.3, because i have a
specific hardware, on my laptop (ATI rage 128).

I'am using my linux XF86Config (I have just modified /etc/sysctl.conf
to set the aperture propertie and change the mouse device to /dev/wsmouse),
but under OpenBSD, the mouse is unusable. I'm unable to crontrol the mouvement.

The mouse is recognized, because it reacts.

Is it a misconfiguration or do I have to set a specific kernel propertie
 to make everything works correctely ?? (it's a PS2 device).

I would like to continue to discover this system, but without X ...;-(((( 

thanks in advance.