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wscons hang on i386 (reproducable)


I had a system hang on i386 (-current from cvs, less than a week old) today, 
reproducable. What I did:

on console 1 i had "cvs up -PAd src" running. On console 2 i read mails with
mutt. Switching from mutt back to console 1 reproducable resulted in a
hanging system. Nothing possible except pressing the power button :-(((((

I think this is somehow wscons related. Running kernel compilation on one
comsole and switching around does not cause any trouble at all, and I
haven't seen this behaviour under any different circumstances than running
cvs up on one console.

Aside from that I am _very_ happy with wscons. I was really surprised when
mutt displayed german umlauts correct without any configuration after
upgrading from -stable to -current.

Great Work!



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