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Re: Problem building redhat_base emulator

This is the exact same output that I get when I run make install..  

I just wasn't brave enough to post it to the list =)


4/4/01 4:49:28 AM, Kevin Sindhu <kevin_(_at_)_tgivan_(_dot_)_com> wrote:

>I have a simliar problem.  Below is a detail log on what I get
>2.8-current with the latest ports.tar.gz from snaphosts) with make
>Looks like the dir structure is not created(/lib  /usr/lib etc.) are
>--------file-ls in fake-i386----
>bash-2.04# cd work/fake-i386/                
>bash-2.04# ls
>.fake_done  .install_started   etc      tmp     usr     var
>bash-2.04# make install
>===>  Faking installation for redhat_base-6.2
>install -d -o root -g bin -m 755
>install -d -o root -g bin -m 755

<cut so I don't get spanked>