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Re: No driver support for Adaptec AVA-1505A ??

Thanks for replying!

Kenneth R Westerback encoded:
>Having visited www.openbsd.org/i386.html I see no claims for AVA-1505A
>support. A quick find/grep of the device driver sections of the kernel
>tree reveal no relevant occurances of '1505', 'AVA' or 'sparrow'. A
>search of the email archives at www.geocrawler.com/lists/4/OpenBSD for
>the same key words in misc@ and tech@ also revealed nothing. A quick
>check of google for these keywords plus OpenBSD was also fruitless.

>Nick Holland encoded:
>>Well, doing a little looking on Adaptec's web site confirmed my
>>suspicion that the AVA-1505A is similar to the AHA1510/1520/(bunch of
>>other cards), which are supported by the OpenBSD aic driver.
>>The reason it isn't working for you, however, is probably because the
>>aic driver is not a PNP driver.  You need to disable this and "hard
>>set" the card to a valid OpenBSD setting (340/11), which is
>>(apparently) done using the appropriate Adaptec utility.

Figured that one out but didn't want to go that far ;)

>>Find the Adaptec Knowledgebase article:
>>990730-0004  "AVA-1505a, Plug and Play, with Windows NT 4.x"
>>which details setting the card up for a totally non-PNP OS (and
>>includes a link to the configuration program).  I would rather guess
>>the card will then take off and run under OpenBSD.

Will do but probably not needed because

Aaron Campbell wrote:

>OpenBSD has no ISAPnP attachment for the aic(4) driver. This is probably
>because these cards are old and somewhat rare, so no developer ever had

and offered kindly to write a patch
............. we'll come there.

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