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Re: buildign patched installations?

On Tue, Apr 03, 2001 at 03:36:57PM +1000, carl_(_at_)_bl_(_dot_)_echidna_(_dot_)_id_(_dot_)_au wrote:
> I had a look through the doco and FAQ, but didn't find anything 
> about this (but, I may have missed it ...)
> I want to build 4 boxes, all with 2.8 + current
> patches, so I figure I'd build one, and then make 
> base28.tgz etc, and use them to install the other boxes.
> A quick look through the makefile in /usr/src didn't
> show me any shortcuts to doing this, nor did anything I could
> find on www.openbsd.org or a troll through this lists's
> archives.  I can always just use tar -tf and then feed that
> back into tar, but has that already been done and scripted somewhere?
> Any clues?  Pointers to doco?


% man 8 release

John Kerbawy <john_(_at_)_maKintosh_(_dot_)_com>

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