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Re: Half-Life/Counter-Strike Dedicated Server on OpenBSD - info?

Hummm... I don't think that there's a HOWTO or FAQ for installing a CS server on OpenBSD.
But for sure it should be done.  Running a CS server is obviously the most important thing
that an OpenBSD user want to do.  Also, I suggest to the openbsd.org webmaster to add a
popup on the web site mentionning that it is possible to run a CS server under OpenBSD, and
that it is much more secure, just because it's OpenBSD.

Anyway, here are the steps to install it:

1. Download the sources
2. Untar it
3. Run configure
4. Run make
5. Look if there's errors and try to understand where's the problem
6. If you can't fix it by yourself, then ask help to the mailing list

Good luck!