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Re: stripped OpenBSD and a bit philosophy.

Hi List,

as some of you might remember this thread started with my message about
tarballs being available for strippedOpenBSD.
I do NOT like the way the discussion took. Many people don't care about
binaries on their systems as long as they aren't started - I do, and I know
I'm a bit paranoid there. That's why I made strippedOpenBSD, and I published
it so others being as paranoid as I am could benefit from it.
I'm everything but happy that this discussion ended as laways in the sendmail
discussion. While I don't like nor run sendmail I can understand why it is
included in the base distribution. I have less understanding for including
apache and especially BIND (while I'm always telling people OpenBSD's
BIND-version is the only acceptable, in other words best, one). And I don't
like the amount of misinformation given in this discussion (as a sidenote:
qmail does not need binmail for local deliveries, this is just one option of
But shed the lights on other facts. It wasn't that hard to exclude all the
stuff I don't like from the build process. I have my own custimized tarballs
for installation. I have new dedicated servers up and completely configured
in (dramatically) less than an hour, and the OpenBSD installation takes ~10 
minutes. I am not aware of any other OS where I can do such nice stuff as
creating my own heavily customized tarballs as installation base and install
new systems that fast. That's impressive, isn't it?
The OpenBSD-installer is the best one I've ever used. No other installer
allows me to install an OS that fast. And as it is mainly a shell script it
is easy to further customize. The thing I never want to see on OpenBSD is a
bloated packaging system like apt or rpm. And the installer for it - taking
at least half an hour to convenience the damn thing that I want only a base
install, no bloated system.
I'm going further to customize the imstaller for me to allow fully
unattended installations. Keeping the results from this discussion in mind
I'm not going to release it. Don't mail me about that, it is useless.
Instead of further discussing to remove one binary or another we should shed
the light on the other very interesting changes in the source going on. We
are getting wscons, very very interesting especially for my notebook ;-)),
there's work to be done (and tons of hardware to donate...) for SMP support,
there's a port missing for sparc64, options(4) needs rework, at least the
german translation for the websites need rework. OpenBSD makes a very great
router now and it would be even greater if it would support policy routing
and stuff like fast switching.
You see there is lots of work to be done and I'm sure _everybody_ of us
could help in one way. So please stop this discussion _now_ (I have 228
mails for this thread in my inbox now - much more than enough) and look for an
area where you can help OpenBSD to become better.


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