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Re: Opinions on Samba on OpenBSD

The cacophony of voices in my head
Inform me that Reuben Sailor said:
> (Disclaimer: Im a newbie taking a shot at answering this, so dont take my 
> word as gospel)
>  From what I understand, the the unix filesystem is fairly efficient and as 
> such, isnt really prone to heavy fragmentation.  I am not aware of any 
> defrag tools for unix....however, I imagine if they do exist, you can 
> probably find at least one in the ports section of OBSD or by running a 
> search on google.

There is one for ext2fs, no idea whether it works.

Anyway, if you have a seriously defragmented ffs filesystem, then it's
probably because the partition is too full, I think it's about 80%
that's the limit ...

If you wanna defragment, tar the partition and reformat, untar it back.


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