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RE: Opinions on Samba on OpenBSD

(Disclaimer: Im a newbie taking a shot at answering this, so dont take my word as gospel)

From what I understand, the the unix filesystem is fairly efficient and as such, isnt really prone to heavy fragmentation. I am not aware of any defrag tools for unix....however, I imagine if they do exist, you can probably find at least one in the ports section of OBSD or by running a search on google.


At 09:42 PM 3/24/01, Steve Shockley wrote:
Thanks, everyone, for your insight on using Samba.  Especially thanks to
Dave and Derek for pointing me to the O'Reilly books for download, I
didn't know that existed.

One semi-related question I have: I've found that running a disk
defragmenter on an NT/2k server can dramatically improve performance.
Is there a such thing as a defrag tool for BSD, or is there some feature
of the filesystem that makes that less necessary?