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Big disk - solutions

Thanks to all that responded to my question - solutions have been found
based on some of your contributions. My RAID is mounted and consistent
(fdisk and disklabel) and has no problem with fsck.

For anyone that has the same problem - apparently the superblock has
a region for pointers to the cylinders/group information. If this is
too large it overflows and the superblock gets corrupted. There is also
a fix for forcing fdisk to accept a larger than 1023 cylinders.

I applied the two workarounds suggested by Grigoriy Orlov:

1) Divided the RAID into two partitions of about 270Gbytes each.
2) Created the fs with "newfs -c 64 /dev/rsd0d" which increases the number of
cylinders per group to 64 (rather than the default of 16).

And I also run fdisk with the suggestions found in:


which Nick Holland pointed to.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.


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