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Re: -current kernel crash

On Wed, Mar 21, 2001 at 07:44:10AM -0600, InSaNe wrote:
> Like I said before... On march 14 I installed from a snapshot.  That 
> crashed every few hours, so I on march 17 CVS'd -current and compiled a 
> new kernel.
> That also crashed with the error:
> panic: malloc: out of memory in kmem_map

You are looking for

option MAX_KMAP=xxx
option MAX_KMAPENT=xxx

in kernel config.

> Every few hours... and it still does, attached are my vmstat -m, dmesg, 
> and 'ps' and 'trace' from within ddb.  i386 architecture... dmesg will 
> give more details.  I did not modify the kernel in any way except adding 
> "option  NMBCLUSTERS=8192" to it when I recompiled.  But either way, the 
> install kernel crashed too.

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