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[Q] intro, ppp conection, and problems with CD-ROM crashes my pc

Hello All,

I just installed OpenBSD 2.8 and succesfully configured a ppp connection to
ISP, i plan to use it as my LAN's Gateway.

The last time i tryed to do this, only root could connect and once connected
only root could use the connection. I fixed that putting a "allow user username"
on the ppp.conf, and adding that user to the network group. However it is not
clear to me if it will get connected on requests incomming from the other pcs
on my LAN.
I have to read a lot to get my gateway/firewall up and running.

My second problem is related to my CD-ROM, the pc is a K5-75 with 32MB of RAM,
a kinda old thing but still usefull, it used to have a creative 24X cd-rom,
but i replaced it with a cyberdrive 48X cd-rom drive. During the instalation
process i noticed a kernel message saying 'downgrading to PIO mode 4' , but
it gave me no trouble. Once installed if i try to mount a cd i get the same
message and the pc freezes, forcing me to press the reset button.

I cant attach the dmesg output now because i am not at home, but i hope it is
enough info to help me track the problem.

Thanks in advance

Juan Jose