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Re: OT (slightly): djbdns question

You need a static ip, a real routable ip on the outside of the univ's
network first.  If you have that and they aren't filtering traffic to
your ip, you can run your own DNS no problem.

If you have a dynamic ip, you can still accomplish this as long as the
univ isn't filtering traffic by using a dyn-dns service outside their
network, as your ip changes a script would 'push' the new information to
the dyn-dns service and you would resolve as your domain again.

Another option, if you have a static ip that is routable is the free DNS
service of http://www.granitecanyon.com/  That will get you around your
univ if they are filtering inbound DNS traffic.  Simply setup your zone
through their service and they will 'point' all the traffic to your ip.
They run a bit slow with their updating, but hell it's a free service.
* Al Lipscomb <arl_(_at_)_q7_(_dot_)_net> [010319 13:01]:
> On Sun, Mar 18, 2001 at 11:31:58PM -0500, Jason P. Stanford wrote:
> >    Could I use djbdns (under OBSD, of course) to map a .com domain
> > name to a box within my university without going through the IT
> > department?  I have had a domain name that I'm paying for but am
> > no longer using the web hosting service I had been.  So the domain
> > name is sitting unused.
> > 
> Yes, but they may or may not like this, and there may be firewall rules
> that would keep this from working.
> >    Is there anything that would muck up my universities DNS servers
> > by my updating my NSI records to indicate my djbdns box? Obviously 
> > there would only be a primary server and no secondary when I update 
> > the record. Would that be a problem on NSI's end?
> > 
> >    Sorry for the OT post. I've been reading all I can on DNS today,
> > and by now my head is spinning.  I would greatly appreciate any
> > help (not the setup, but the theoretical possibility).
> > 
> >    Thanks!
> > 
> Take a look at www.granitecanyon.com they will host your domains records
> for free.
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