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RE: stripped OpebBSD: tarballs available

Title: RE: stripped OpebBSD: tarballs available

I agree. My very first install was a sooooo encouraging, I switched mindsets immediately. My only small desire is not even with the install, but the need (in my opinion) to equate base products to packages and have the ability to list them with revision indicators and maybe even a "remove" tool. That would be a clean way to strip down ...

Oh, and support for the 'sm' driver on a boot floppy. :)

Just my wish list.


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I could not disagree more. The OBSD installer is so simple, easy to use
and quick. Nothing even comes close. It is by far the best installer of
any OS I know. The Redhat installer is a complete joke.

Also, I think that the ports/packages system is fantastic. Again, it is
easy to use and simple. There is nothing to gain from making anything more
complicated than it has to be. That is why I love OpenBSD, the system is
tight, simple, and secure. Please don't change that.



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