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TircPROXY and Oidentd


I've installed TircProxy on my OpenBSD 2.7 NAT box. It works fine exept 
The message from console is:

server2# tircproxy -d9 -s 7666 -HR -i

[29589] Port lookup 7666 -> 7666

[29589] IP lookup -> 0x010ba8c0

No remote server specified, transparent operation assumed.

...and it goes with ROOT IDENT...

It seems that only one ident method works: by account on host. When I 
start Tircproxy on root account and give in user-x.x.x.x real account 
name my irc logs in with right ident, account name.
But when there is no account it goes with root ident. How to make it work 
WITHOUT making for everyone in localnet account? (to make it communicate 
with Oidentd what I wanted to achieve)

BTW: can't compile UBD (do I need it on OpneBSD?).
It goes with:
libudb.c:34: redefinition of `union semun'
gmake: *** [libudb.lo] Error 1

What should I do? Thanx alot for help.

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