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compatibility hardware question (HPT 370 chipset)

Hi guys

I checked the compatibility hardware list... and still dont really know if my PCI-IDE card is supported or not..
it has HPT 370 chipset...

When I boot on openBSD 2.7 CD, it seems kernel detects my card... 
It gives output on screen while booting and says something about PCI - HPT + a number which is not 370 but it should be backward compatible shoudnt it? (it is on linux)

So I do think my card should be supported.

But when time comes in installation process to partition hard disk, I cannot choose disc that is plugged on the controler card... it is just not in the list... i only see wd0 ...
So is there a way I can install openBSD (2.7 or any version- if you tell me to get 2.8 I will... if it is needed)) on the hard disk that is used on my controler card?

(I hope it is not something like,  I would get real support of that card after having recompiled kernel, though after having installed the OS ... would be egg and hen trouble...)



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