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Abort trap: Linux emulation


I got a problem with the linux emulation.
I'm running 2.8 Generic with the redhat_base-6.2 package installed from ports.
The problem is that I can run linux apps fine as root, but trying to run a 
linux app under another account immediately stops with 

Abort trap

or just

Abort trap

I also observed the following line from the log:

/bsd: linux: syscall fstat64 is obsolete or not implemented (pid=9381)

I tried this with the blackdown java port as well as unreal tournament,
and with some regular linux utils(cat, etc etc).

I first thought it could have something to do with permissions on the base 
package but that seems to be ok.

Anyone have any idea what's wrong?

If more info is requested, let me know what...

Thanks in advance,