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svscan unable to start tinydns

First of all, I apologize if this is on the wrong
list. I'm not quite sure where else to ask it, and I'm
up against a major time crunch (I'm supposed to have
DNS service up today).

I'm rebuilding after a major system crash, and I'm
having weird troubles with tinydns, despite doing
exactly what worked last time I set it up.

I've followed along step by step with the
documentation at
including making sure svscan is started (I installed
daemontools as root as one of my first packages on the
system). Everything appears to be OK...but...

Whenever svscan encounters my link to /etc/tinydns, I
get the error message:

svscan: warning: unable to start supervise tinydns:
file does not exist
svscan: warning: unable to start supervise
tinydns/log: file does not exist

This is despite the fact that /etc/tinydns was created
with tinydns-conf. Oh, and just in case you're
wondering, tinydns and dnslog are valid system

What could be causing this?

Alex Le Fevre

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