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Thinking of building a site - OpenBSD Diary (?)

Hi all,

I am playing with the idea of creating a website similar to the FreeBSD Diary. Basically a site to help newbies (like myself). I figured as I learn, I could post what I learned on the site to help others. I assuming there isnt one already in existence as I have searched and couldnt find one.

I think it may also help alleviate some of the more common problems being revisited.

Still a newbie myself, I am thinking about this as I am not sure how much of the content on FreeBSD is applicable to OpenBSD. That is, I am confident that in a general sense, most of it is applicable, but there may be subtle differences that need to be explained. Is this a valid assumption?

If I do decide to go ahead with something like this, who would I have to talk to get permission to use some of the blowfish art work on my site (I like the art used on the OpenBSD Journal site). I dont want to step on any toes if I decide I have the time to do this. Also, I think it would be much more successful if I could find others to help out with writing articles on different topics. I would be interested in hearing from any one who is willing to help out.

Lastly, I also welcome any suggestions on what to name the site. I know that OpenBSDDiary.com is available, but I was thinking the title could be more original (actually, if this thing flies, I am going to contact the guy who maintains the freebsd diary to see if he will give some tips, etc.)

I am eager to hear any thoughts or suggestions on this type of project. I was looking at this as my way, other buying the cd (which I already did), to help the project. =)


Sorry for the cross post, but I was unsure where exactly this belonged.