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Hi there Dion,

STeve Andre' wrote:

If you are new to UNIX, there is a lot to be said for learning one of them
well first, as opposed to dealing with several at once. Obviously your
personal learning style might be different, but I have found that most folks
do better learning a single op system at a time at the beginning. I'd
recommend OpenBSD if for for no other reason than the man pages are
superb and are of great help to anyone that reads.

Once you're familiar with OpenBSD and think you can do the things you
want to with it, jumping onto another platform makes sense in terms of
your UNIX education. You'll have a better frame of reference from which
to appreciate (or revile) the differences you encounter, and, you'll be able
to better remember those differences. Try to learn too many at once and
they start to muddle in your mind.

QNX has been around for a long time; I didn't know it was it still ongoing.
I question that flavour being important to learn soon, unless your job or
hobbies deal with embedded systems.  My choice would be either to
get flight time on Linux, or become familiar with Net/FreeBSD.
I'm seconding Steve's point of view. I started out myself with Ultrix because it was the only thing available around back @ the univ. It gave me a good start w/ the common stuff (perms, passwords, file sys layout...) then I moved to SCO/(OpenServer|UnixWare) & from there I jumped to Linux which is a *good* system to get flight hours.

Now, I'm dealing w/ a bunch of OSes. Mainly Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD and of course OpenBSD. IMHO, all those are excellent OSes & OpenBSD stands out w/ its quality & security. Each has its strenghts & weaknesses. I think that if you must learn one commercial flavor, go w/ Solaris. The layout is very good & pretty standard. Otherwise, get flight hours in Linux & then jump to OpenBSD (& stay there ;=) ).

Welcome mate to the wonderful world of OpenBSD!

Does anyone know if the QNX operating system is a "real" UNIX O/S, like OpenBSD? (A buddy of mine said that I ought to learn it in addition to OpenBSD)


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