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NTP Problems

Hi all

Well xntp is running but I am having a few problems.

the following iis from my dmesg :

WARNING: preposterous time in file system
WARNING: file system time much less than clock time

I noticed this before but figured it was a result of my cmos battery being dead when I installed OBSD 2.8. I have since replaced the CMOS battery and reset the time in the BIOS.

It seems that upon reboot, the file system time (as shown by the date command) is adjusted somehow. I dont know why or how, but despite my manually setting the correct date and time, it reverts back a number of hours when I reboot (not always the same). (e.g., I set date and time to Fri Mar 2 02:24:35 PST 2001, then reboot and run the date command. The date and time shows Thu Mar 1 19:42:22 PST 2001).

From what I gather, my time is out of sync. Is there anyway to fix this without doing a complete reinstall?

Also, I have this in my rc.conf file:

ntpdate_flags="usno.pa-x.dec.com" # for normal use: NTP server; run before ntpd starts

upon bootup I receive the following message:

ntpdate[6500]: no server suitable for synchronization found.

I have tried the DNS name and the IP in this field to no effect. So, it seems that although xntpd is running, it is not querying the servers I specified in my ntp.conf or if nothing else, it is isnt receiving a response from the servers if it is querying them. I have opened up both tcp and udp ports 123 for these ntp servers. Any idea how to fix it?

any help you will be most appreciated.