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Re: Just being a newbie

On Fri, Mar 02, 2001 at 08:40:59AM -0500, Bonitatebus, Mark wrote:
> As a newcomer to the OpenBSD world I've done a lot of  reading on man
> pages/newsgroups etc.  I was able to set up an older box as router,
> firewall, nat and connect no problem to cable modem ISP.  I have set up
> another OpenBSD machine and for the life of me cannot get it to connect to
> the outside world.  I can ping internally when I try to ping outside I get
> no route to host.  I have checked hosts file resolv.conf file I am missing
> something.

You need to put your default gateway (the internal IP of your older box)
in '/etc/mygate'.

>From afterboot(8) :
     The default gateway address is stored in the /etc/mygate file.  If you
     need to edit this file, a painless way to reconfigure the network after-
     wards is route flush followed by a sh -x /etc/netstart command.  Or, you
     may prefer to manually configure using a series of route add and route
     delete commands (see route(8)).