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I've just noticed Stallion's ePipe product. This seems to be
exactly what I've been searching for to use as a basic firewall
here. I read on the ePipe 2202, and it seemed to be exactly what
I want - small box, low power usage, quiet. As I read more, I
found a couple big problems with it.

It seems to be a closed, black box. I want to be able to install
the OS on it, and upgrade the OS at need. Also, in depth specs
on this box seem to be impossible to get for it's home page.
You have to be an 'eMap partner' to get pricing on these suckers
(http://www.stallion.com/html/partner.html), which really annoys

My question is this: are there any products similar to the 2202?
I need 2 100BT ethernet (one with the ability to boot over the
network, for installs might be nice), and one serial console
connection that I can log into. I want to run such a box as a
packet filtering bridge, and would only like to connect via
serial (from a 'secure' host, of course). Lights out management
would be wonderful, but I don't need that.

Is there anything like that for a reasonable price that run, or
are capable of running, OpenBSD? I could do similar with a
PC, but that would defeat the whole purpose of being ultra small
and quiet.

I seek and seek, and do not find. The ePipe is the closest to this
that I have seen, but the black box aspect is a showstopper for me.

One wonders how big a market there would be for something like this.
David Schmitt