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Re: port info in ipflog missing

On Thu, Mar 01, 2001 at 01:56:57PM -1000, criz_(_at_)_hcc_(_dot_)_hawaii_(_dot_)_edu wrote:
> Mar  1 12:23:53 obsdhost ipmon[65]: 12:23:53.717931  ep0 @0:3 b
> -> PR tcp len 20 40 IN
> NOtice there is no port info (no commas followed by port numbers after the
> IP address).
> I found this true for all the OpenBSD boxes I run, both 2.7 and
> 2.8 on either sparc or i386 architectures.  I scoured the archives and
> even double checked man pages for ipmon and ipf but could not come up with
> the proper way to show the port numbers.
> Any suggestions?

You might have something mixed up. Are you sure of your ipmon binary ?

PS: AFAIK there isn't any particular switch or option to pass to ipmon
for it to log TCP or UDP port numbers. It just does for me, on a 2.7
i386 box and on two -current boxes.