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A rookie question on BIND &/| name servers

I'm stuck out on the fringe of connectivity where my choices are 24.6
modem or StarBand two way satellite. I have both right now and have my
new OpenBSD box connected to my StarBand transceiver to do firewalling
and NAT for my lan.

The biggest bummer on satellite is latency cause it takes time for
packets to make the 45,000 mile trip up and down from the satellite.
I'm guessing I could speed things considerably by running my own name
server on the BSD box, this way DNS resolution can skip the 90,000
mile round trip.

I've never run a name server before and haven't started the mandatory
RTFM for doing so but I'm curious when running BIND, can you make it
mirror the contents of the root servers?

Is there a better choice than BIND for a local name server?


J.C. Roberts