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Re: Half Life

I think you want to check the "Networking Setup" section of the FAQ,
particularly the ipf and ipnat sections.  Your problems are indeed

ftp requires a proxy entry in your ipnat rules.  Here's mine for a
private network, where xl0 is the Internet-side interface
of the firewall:

map xl0 -> 0/32 proxy port ftp ftp/tcp

Half Life will require NAT rules depending upon the ports that it uses
in order to send messages from the server to your client.  You'll
probably want to redirect connections to those ports from the firewall
to your Windows box, so that when the server initiates connections
they'll be serviced by the Windows box.


"Darren M. Crotchett" wrote:
> I'm new to OBSD and networking, in general.  I was wondering if there was
> anything in the default OBSD setup that would prevent me from being able to
> update the list of servers in Half-Life on a windows box running behind a
> generic 2.7 kernel?  I have not made any changes to the ipf.rules yet.  I'm
> just now getting to that point with my plans and my own personal technical
> level.  The only thing that isn't default is that I'm doing NAT and dial up.
> I've noticed that I can't ftp from my windows box out to my ISP via the BSD
> box.  I didn't know if the two problems might be related.  I haven't
> researched that problem yet.  So, I'm not asking for help with that.  But, I
> thought I should mention it in case it was relevant to the Half-Life
> question.
> Darren

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