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Re: wierd bad sector values

james wrote:
> following a recent spate of power failures on my openbsd 2.7
> (GENERIC#25 i386, Pentium IMMX. 166mhz), my hard drive (60 gig IBM
> ATA) seemed to have acquired bad sectors (console messages when i ran
> 'find' or 'mtree' or 'mkdir') but the badsect documentation wasn't
> clear on exactly what numbers to enter for the badsectors. this was
> the console error message:

I had the exact same problem with an IBM DeskStor 40G drive a few weeks

> wd1a:  uncorrectable data error reading fsbn 78704704 of 78704704-78704719 
> (wd1 bn 78704767; cn 78080 tn 2 sn 1)

I get this same error when walking a 30G partition on the IBM drive.  To
temporarily fix it, I moved as much data as I could to a smaller
partition on the same drive and unmounted this partition (to prevent
cron from doing its daily ``find'' process and walking the bad
filesystem).  On a side note, this is why the rt.fm openbsd
anoncvs/ftp/http mirrors have been down recently.

When I get some time, I'm going to try creating a new filesystem on it
and see if the errors still exist.  If they do, I'll probably have to
end up buying a new drive.  I don't know what else to tell you, though.

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