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Re: anoncvs or cvsup?

anarkky_(_at_)_cyberwar_(_dot_)_com (shivak) wrote:
> I am trying to decide between anoncvs and cvsup. I've read the pages on
> openbsd.org, but I still cannot make the decision. According to the
> website, cvsup seems to be faster, more flexible, and more advanced. But I
> don't like the compile issues with cvsup (modula 3...) and I've even heard
> about some obscure bug (like cvsup not being able to get some gcc source

There are CVSup-binaries for FreeBSD, which run on OpenBSD under FreeBSD
emulation.  We're using it for updating an anocvs-server. 

> file?). I'm not absolutely sure about the latter, but the fact is I need a
> reliable, single way to get my sources. Specifically, I will download both
> openBSD and freeBSD sources to a central server, and the sources of my BSD
> machines will be synchronized from that machine (I will have about 20
> simultaneous users on an 800mhz i386 w/ a 6 drive raid 10 and 1gb of ram
> all on a 1gb ethernet - will the efficiency gains by cvsup be noticeable
> at this point? is cvsup faster only on the client side, or does it put
> less strain on the server as well?).

CVSup is designed to get the most out of slow connections like modem or
ISDN dialup.  On (10 MBit) Ethernet the limit you'll see is hard disk
performance for both CVSup and CVS.

> Which method would be the most reliable for my situation? thanks.

Well, if you want a local copy of the CVS repository, then CTM is a good
option besides CVSup.  CTM sends updates for the CVS repository via
mail.  See <http://www.openbsd.org/ctm.html> for more information. This
page is a bit out of date, the CVS repository has grown in the meantime.
Contact me in case of questions or problems.

Once you have a local CVS repository, you can use CVS to checkout every
revision of any file in the source tree, and track stable and current
development branches of this tree.  CVS is much faster with a local
repository than (remote) anoncvs.

Both OpenBSD and FreeBSD CVS repositories and sources are available via