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Re: mutt and pgp (OBSD 2.7)

On Sat, Dec 23, 2000 at 07:04:58PM -0500, Ray Schneider wrote:
> Im not sure that what is in ports compiles with pgp support enabled. That would
> mean that when you set pgp_default etc...in your .muttrc files its going to 
> throw you errors. Im only guessing here as your information is rather vague,
> but you may want to grab the tarball from mutt.org and do a ./configure -help
> and see what the flag or arg is for enabling pgp support in the build. Once
> you have done that, and followed it up with the rest (make , make install)
> you should be able to set things in your .muttrc file and be able to use 
> pgp or gnupg whichever. 
> I hope that helps some.
I grabbed mutt 1.2.5 (it didn't want to compile with slang for some
reason), and if I use the pretty-funky-looking options in mutt's contrib dir
for gpg things mostly work, but the standard needed options to turn on gpg
don't work (and the pgp_default_version option still isn't recognized).
While reading/writing my mailbox (an mbox, though it will soon become a
Maildir), the percent done is broken (stays at 0%); is this just a mutt
bug, or something that compiled/setup incorrectly? 
Also, I know that mutt at least used to not support folders over imap very
well (hard to browse them, nothing like browsing folders on the local fs);
has this changed any in newer versions of mutt?

thanks again,
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