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Re: MFS & Sendmail

Amen brother...MFS is notoriously unstable in my experience. My mail server
handles anywhere between 10 and 500 thousand messages a day (depends on the
day), and I have no problems running it off the standard Sun SCSI drives on a
Sun Ultra E2 with two 266mhz processors and 1.2G ram. I average less than 0.05


Chuck Yerkes wrote:

> May I just offer this gentle advice:
>               FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DONT DO IT.
> You have a Sim failure, you lose all the mail.  Server running hundreds of
> thousands a day (and in the high end at that), I'd look at a really
> good Solid State Disk system for queue files and a RAID box with good
> write speeds (my fav's been Baydel since it leaves others in the dirt).
> If you want to insist, I've been testing a lovely 4 Gig Solid State
> Disk setup that's only US$65k :)
> You don't mention HOW they'll get their mail, or what the machine
> is, but 100's a day is still in the "isn't that cute" range and my
> Sparc 2 (40 MHz) handles a few thousand local deliveries a day and
> maybe 20k relayed at no load whatsoever.
> Hell, even Exchange can handle those volumes on cheap hardware.
> Quoting Jeff Wyman (wysoft_(_at_)_wysoft_(_dot_)_tzo_(_dot_)_com):
> > I'm going to be running a medium-sized email server pretty soon
> > here. Email traffic will probably be in the range of hundreds of messages
> > a day, but I haven't actually gathered data on this yet, I'm still in
> > planning stages here.
> >
> > I've thought about placing /var/mail in an MFS partition to speed up
> > accesses and cut down on disk wear. I have enough DIMMs to have this
> > server running anywhere from 256MB to 1GB of memory, if this requires such
> > large spaces.
> >
> > I've thought of many downsides to this. One being loss of data in the
> > event of a power outage. I have a UPS that will be guarding the machine,
> > but I work in a rather old building and all too often the circuit breaker
> > decides that someone is microwaving too many hot dogs. Is there any way
> > that I can keep the contents of an MFS mail directory safe, while not
> > having to turn to any backup solutions that might put stress on the system
> > or be reasonably out of date when the data loss occurs.