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MFS & Sendmail

I'm going to be running a medium-sized email server pretty soon
here. Email traffic will probably be in the range of hundreds of messages
a day, but I haven't actually gathered data on this yet, I'm still in
planning stages here.

I've thought about placing /var/mail in an MFS partition to speed up
accesses and cut down on disk wear. I have enough DIMMs to have this
server running anywhere from 256MB to 1GB of memory, if this requires such
large spaces.

I've thought of many downsides to this. One being loss of data in the
event of a power outage. I have a UPS that will be guarding the machine,
but I work in a rather old building and all too often the circuit breaker
decides that someone is microwaving too many hot dogs. Is there any way
that I can keep the contents of an MFS mail directory safe, while not
having to turn to any backup solutions that might put stress on the system
or be reasonably out of date when the data loss occurs?

Thanks for any input.

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