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PCMCIA modems

I surffed, I shopped, I searched, I sourced, but I still don't see it.

I want a modem in my laptop.  I tried a 3 Com U.S. Robotics (3056) but
got a "function 0 not configured" message.  So I read
/usr/src/sys/dev/pcmcia/pcmciadevs and saw it wasn't in there but the
Megahertz 3CXEM556 (10baseT and modem) card was.

I installed that, I now see:

pcmcia1 at pcic0 controller 0 socket 1
ep1 at pcmcia1 function 0 "3Com, Megahertz 3CXEM556, LAN + 56k Modem" port 0x340/16 irq 3: address 00:00:86:19:a4:03, utp/aui/bnc (default utp)
pccom3 at pcmcia1 function 1 "3Com, Megahertz 3CXEM556, LAN + 56k Modem" port 0x350/8 irq 3: ns16550a, 16 byte fifo
pcic0: irq 9, polling enabled

ep1 works fine  but I can't find pccom3?  Where's the modem?
Tried MAKEDEV pccom3, looked everywhere, read documentation,
surfed the web, searched mailing lists, recompiled the kernel
but still can't find it.

What am I missing here?




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