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Re: sh/ksh

OpenBSD's sh is pdksh in reality, which is why you see this.

--STeve Andre'

At 10:06 PM 12/16/00 -0500, Ken wrote:
Actually, they share the same inode on installation, this would leave me
to believe that they are exactly the same. see 'ls -ali /bi/ksh /bin/sh'


On Sat, 16 Dec 2000, Mark Spivak wrote:

> I am a little confused regarding sh and ksh.
> Namely, they both have identical size, yet there is a different source in
> the cvs tree for each (on the cvs-web, not in the gettable cvs trees,
> which adds more to the confusion).
> Can anyone clear this up?
> please cc the reply here.
> Thanks.
> -Mark