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Re: obsd documentation project

* Chris Cappuccio <chris_(_at_)_dqc_(_dot_)_org> [001215 22:57]:
> Quoting "Cory C. Albrecht" <cory_(_at_)_fenris_(_dot_)_cjb_(_dot_)_net>:
> > About 6-7 months ago there was talk on the newsgroups about an OpenBSD 
> > docs project, one of the people posting was a John C. Hollemans who was

> Really, it makes no difference at all.  They're just names.

Especially when one might consider than in six month's time, someone
else will bring the whole subject up again, and say, ``one of the people
posting was a Cory C. Albrecht who was...''


``Oh Lord; Ooh you are so big; So absolutely huge; Gosh we're all
really impressed down here, I can tell you.''