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Re: Cluterit on OBSD

> 	The way I understand it for the most part the older versions are
> 	dropped as far as patches go.  In other words if you don't
> 	upgrade you don't get patched.  The reason being is the
> 	development team has limited resources such that there isn't
> 	time to release a new security patch for each prior release.

While this is true to a degree when comparing this to Linux you must understand
that Linux is the Kernel alone. The OpenBSD team takes responsibility for the
most of the default installation software. How old a release does RedHat 
provide patches for? 

> 	I'm newbie here but it takes me about 30 minutes to an hour to
> 	install and set up a firewall for home use.  It took me half a
> 	day to apply security patches to the redhat box at work the
> 	other day.  I'm jumping into the middle of this so sorry if my
> 	comments aren't true to the string.  If I'm off about anything
> 	I'm sure someone will correct me:)
> 	kent

It has taken me about 30 minutes to upgrade two of my OpenBSD boxes to 2.8
using FTP. It required no changes to any running software and was as easy
as any patching operation. 

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