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Re: 3CR990 driver linux source


If you take a look at:
http://support.3com.com/infodeli/tools/nic/linux/3c990img.h you will
see it's a binary image, and the license is explicit:

NO REVERSE ENGINEERING:  Modification, reverse engineering, reverse 
compiling, or disassembly of the tc990image is expressly prohibited. 



M Taylor <mctaylor_(_at_)_privacy_(_dot_)_nb_(_dot_)_ca> écrivait (wrote) :

> Linux based source code for 3Com's 3CR990 NIC with IPSec support, is
> available from 3Com's web site at
> <http://support.3com.com/infodeli/tools/nic/3cr990.htm>.
> I suspect this might be enough to write a OpenBSD driver for the 3cr990.

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