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Re: Network dies on ftp transfer, bad nic?

Thanks for everyone's helps so far.

Steve, I'm curious if your Xircom card is using the ukphy like mine. I
still don't understand the direct correlation between the driver and
the phy's but I'm grasping at straws here.

In regards to trying to bump start it, I figure I'll give it a try. I
don't have anything to lose and I'm most likely going to be stuck at
the colo tomorrow anyways.

As for the other suggestions, I'm not running DSL so it isn't a
problem with PPPoE although I think that comment was directed mostly
towards Sean. I'm running at 100 Full Duplex, the nic's set to
autonegotiate and ifconfig says it's running at 100FD. Although I
haven't checked it I would imagine the ftp server I'm connected to is
running at 100MB FD as well. It's using the same nic card and
connected to the same hub, the only difference is the other computer
is running NT.

I've built an ftp server before with the exact same hardware on 2.7
and I don't remember having this problem. Of course they stole the box
from me a couple days after building it and I can't remember if I
tested ftp with large transfers so this does me no good.

I've always used Intel nics with no problems. I never much liked the
netgear nics and now I have a reason for my distaste. I think I'll be
bringing in my own nic tomorrow and I'll try replacing the netgear.
I'll post an update and let everyone know if this fixes it. Unless of
course someone has some magical fix no else has thought of.

Jason Stout

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Sent: December 13, 2000 2:32:58 AM GMT
Subject: Re: Network dies on ftp transfer, bad nic?

Jason, I'm running with a Xircom card using the dc0 driver and it
just rocks.  I've passed at least 50G of data through that driver at
speeds (sometimes) in excess of 900Kbps, which I love.  This is
on my ThinkPad.  Your hardware is obviously very different, but I
have complete confidence in both the driver and ftpd.

I would suspect the card you have installed.

You probably can't do this once the ftp problem has happened, but
if you were at the console you might try   sh /etc/netstart to see if
you can kick start things again.

Anyway, I'd look at the hardware.  I've had a couple of Windows
boxes that hung like that, always due to a flakey nic.

--STeve Andre'

At 08:07 PM 12/12/00 -0500, Jason Stout wrote:
>Hey everyone,
>I'm having a problem with ftp transfers. The box I just built off of
>2.8 release appears to work fine at first glance. I through up a quick
>install and dumped it at our colo. I configured everything remotely
>over ssh and never had any problems. Now when I try to do an ftp
>transfer the things dies. I'm ftp'ing to another box connected over
>a hub so the packets are moving along quite quick. The transfer will
>hit 3-4% of an 20MB file and stall. When I ^C to break out, the
>connection closes down and I'm back at prompt except the networks
>gone. Can't ping, can't ssh, nothing. Reboot brings it back to normal.
>Now the interesting part. I'm using a Netgear FA310TX Rev-D2 nic card.
>The driver is dc0 and it's using the ukphy (what is a "phy" anyways?).
> >From the man pages and i386 supported hardware it seems to me that
>this nic card is _barely_ supported. The doc's don't make me too
>confident and I'm guessing that the nic is what's causing me problems.
>Can anyone give me some reassurance that this is the problem?
>Also, if I do replace the nic will it automatically create the
>/etc/hostname.xx0 or will I need to create the file, fill in the info,
>and recompile the kernel with the new driver? I've never replaced a
>nic on OpenBSD or unix for that matter without reinstalling.
>Jason Stout

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