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Re: firewalls

The major (or only significant) difference between ipfilter and
commercial ones are GUI and policy based control. The difference can
hype up consumers into paying the price you mentioned. GUI or not is not
a problem for professionals.  Policy based control is a dire-needed
feature in ipfilter, IMHO, even for professionals.  So far I implement policies
on a number of rules files and use cron to swtich among them.

On Mon, 11 Dec 2000 20:30:54 -0500
Nicholas Basila <nbasila_(_at_)_epcot_(_dot_)_revenio_(_dot_)_com> wrote:

> Thanks to all of you  who replied, online and offline.  I'm sorry I didn't reply to
> you all earlier, but I was away.
>     It would appear that there have been no real, documented comparisons between
> commercial firewalls and an ipf/OpenBSD firewall. I'm not terribly surprised as
> usually only commercial firewall companies are willing to pay for these studies and
> they'd be very upset to be upstaged by a free firewall solution.
>     We actually have several of the Nokia FreeBSD/celeron machines, but they are
> being used by a different part of the company. I believe I will be able to convince
> management to go with an ipf based firewall, anyway. The cost of the nokia boxes is
> rather high (It could easily go over $25K for a single box + controlling software +
> support). So, a $2,500 (A decent, rackmount PC)  price tag is a lot easier to sell
> than a $25K price tag. :-)
> Nicholas

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